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Air Conditioning

Image of Lennox XC13 Model
The XC13 air conditioner can save you hundreds of dollars each year on utility bills and is environmentally responsible. It has a SEER of up to 15.50, so it can significantly lower your utility bills, even during the hottest summer months. The XC13 meets the EPA's strictest standards for ozone and climate protection.



Image of Mr.Slim AC
Mr. Slim products are designed to be quieter and more efficient than old window units. They install without ductwork, which enables you to retain the original aesthetics of a room. Installation is quick and simple. Mr. Slim systems use an environmentally-friendly refrigerant.



SpacePak Flexible Tube and Duct
The SpacePak System is both quiet and efficient. It removes up to 30% more moisture than conventional central air conditioning systems. The draft-free technology creates gentle circulation without drafts. SpacePak System flexible ducts snake through and around existing constriction with aesthetically pleasing wall and ceiling ports that blend in nicely with your existing decor.



PurePak Systems
The PurePak system is the key to cleaner, healthier air. PurePak does not create ozone, lose efficiency as media loads, or require large, noisy fans to overcome airflow restrictions of dense media.



Slim Duct Exterior
A prefect blend of style, form and function. Clean, neat appearance. Hides unsightly pipes & wiring. Blends in perfectly with any building.


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