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Lennox Elite EL296E Gas Furnace

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Highly efficient with gas and electricity

When you have a new EL296E installed, you're making a smart choice in your energy use for many reasons. An Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of up to 96% means the EL296E can offer substantial energy savings every year when compared to less efficient furnaces. The EL296E also offers two-stage heating, which allows it to run at a lower, more efficient output most of the time, switching to a higher output during extreme heating demand. And thanks to its Power Saver motor, the EL296E provides more consistent temperatures, more even airflow and quieter operation while still using energy efficiently.

Energy Savings can really add up

With an AFUE of up to 96%, the EL296E can convert up to 96% of its fuel into heat you can feel. This kind of efficiency means you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on energy every year when compared to a furnace that's even just a few years old.

Peace of mind

The EL296E is designed to make you feel better in many ways, including giving you peace of mind. So it comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year limited warranty on all remaining covered parts.*

Built for efficiency. Built for reliability.

The EL296E isn't just a smart investment form an energy standpoint. It's also an excellent choice for reliability. Every component of the EL296E has proven itself through extensive testing in our research labs, so you know you can count on your new furnace to deliver reliable comfort and outstanding performance, season after season.

Efficiency to the next level

The EL296E is already classified as a high-efficiency furnace, but to take energy savings to the nedt level, consider pairing it with a Lennox electric heat pump. By doing so, you'll create what's known as a dual-fuel system, which can warm your home using either gas or electricity. On milder days, the heat pump will provide warmth. On colder days, the gas furnace will provide the warmth. Since the system can switch back and forth between gas and electricity as needed, it'll always use the most cost-effective method to keep you warm.

The advantages of Power Saver technology

The Power Savor motor inside the EL296E operates at a constant torque, allowing it to supply your home with a consistent flow of perfectly conditioned air. This helps your system use less energy in both heating and cooling modes and keeps your home comfortable through changing weather conditions.

Feel great every day of the year

The EL296E will not only keep you comfortable in winter, it can also make you home feel better during summer months, as well. By operating at its lower speed of airflow, it allows air to spend more time in contact with the air conditioner coil. This helps reduce moisture levels in your indoor air during hot and humid months, contributing to comfort and smart energy use.

Savings in every season

The EL296E's energy efficiency isn't limited to colder months. When paired with a matching Lennox air conditioner, the EL296E can increase the overall summer energy efficiency, also known as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), of your entire system. So you can use energy wisely every day of the year.

Online equipment registration at www.lennoxregistration.com is required within 60 days of installation (except in California and Quebec) or Lennox' base warranty will apply. Applies to residential applications only. See actual warranty of certificate for details.

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