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SpacePak Systems

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SpacePak Systems remove up to 30% more moisture than conventional central air conditioning systems. The system works on the principle of aspiration. Cool streams of high velocity air enter a room, creating gentle circulation without drafts. While you'll feel the cool comfort, you will hardly hear it. The SpacePak System uses sound absorbing tubing and ducts to minimize system sound.

The SpacePak System uses flexible ducts to snake through and around existing construction, so there is little or no remodeling needed. The barely noticeable outlets blend in with any decor, whether they're installed in the ceiling, floor, or wall.

Your SpacePak System will not only provide outstanding cooling in the summer, it can also be used to heat your home during cold winter months. The system works with the heat pumps of most major manufacturers to provide the same exceptional comfort in winter that you'll receive in the summer months. An added feature is the higher temperature (20 t 25 degrees F higher) of air discharging from the outlets compared to conventional heat pump systems.

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